Chris Lambert


Chris Lambert has been writing since 1991, creating plays for Tilt, Voice, Workswell Productions and his own company Exiled Theatre. He is currently working on his second novel, a time-travelling religious satire. He won the 2012 Reading playwright competition, Off the Block. Chris has been working with Yorkshire musician Kev Oyston on a musical collaboration called “Tales from the Black Meadow” inspired by the strange folk tales surrounding the North York Moors. Chris is also a secondary school Head of Drama and works as a sound artist.

Highlights of his artistic career so far include:

Turning St Mary’s Minster into a massive jukebox playing sounds captured from the area.
Mixing fiction, lies and truth in the ghost play “Deadman’s Lane” set in the Theale road of the same name.
Recording the “Whispered Hopes” of over a thousand individuals in the creation of a sound installation.
Writing and recording a song about his new moustache for Movember.
Writing and touring the “Official” prequel to “King Lear” – “Edmund Son of Gloucester”
Collaborating with the writer Jonathan Shelley on Shakespearean romp “Kill the Messenger”, black supernatural comedy “Vampire Hospital”, Poe adaptation “Some words with a Mummy” and portmanteau homage “Detention of Terror”.
Creating Site specific installation “The Watchman” which has entranced, confused, baffled and moved people in its various incarnations.
Writing a Sofa based parody of Radiohead’s “Creep” hailed by “Mr Frosty” as “The best parody of this song, ever.” This song was also banned by the BBC.
Staging John Wyndham’s “The Midwich Cuckoos”.
Adapting Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” for the stage.
Adapting “Night of the Living Dead” for children.

Published works by Chris Lambert include: “Tales from the Black Meadow” published by Exiled. The plays “Ship of Fools”, “The Simple Process of Alchemy”, “Ugga (A play about a boy with a paper bag on his head)” and “Loving Chopin” are all published by Stagescripts. His short stories “First Step” and “Treehouse” have been published in “The Dead Files” anthologies volumes IV and V. “The Catalogue” and “Pilot” will be published in “Tales of the Damned” later this year.

Featured In:

The Dead Files: Vol IV